There are several aspects to making:

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Making 1 carded wool into nylon tights

Making 2 pulling tights around wool

Making 3 form a ball, cotton at the ready

Making 4 tie very tight

Making 5 lay thread around circumference 3 times

Making 6 pull very tight and knot

Making 7 start at bottom fasten around mid line

Making 8 once it has been over the top and fixed at other side and down to the neck , you go up to the crossing and stitch through the middle of the head

Making 9 fasten at cross then at bottom and cut.

Making 10 check which side you want the face to be and pull down the back thread to give beautiful profile

Making 11 cover with skin fabric and pin into place starting at bottom pulling away from face

Making 12 simple over stitched fastening as flat as possible

Making 13 insert pins for eyes

Making 14 and mouth

Making 15 pull in eyes from the bottom of back

Making 16 embroider mouth then pin hairline

Making 17 spider web approach of sewing on hair leaving beginning of thread with little over stitch at beginning and end

Making 18 can do long hair and add more hair in between once head is covered

Making 19 cut out body to stretch sufficiently for stuffing to right thickness

Making 20 round off for hands and feet, fold, pin and sew with very strong thread

Making 21 attach to head by cutting small hole

Making 22 stuff arms, legs and tummy to sew tummy shut

Making 23 sew around hands and pull in a little. Feet more complicated needs more explanation!